to an investment fund with a difference

The "Technology of the Future" Fund is an actively managed long-only fund, which invests in companies that are disruptive innovators - where long-term earnings growth is based on innovative breakthrough technologies.

We find the leaders of the future!     


The Fund has an absolute return, concentrated investment strategy. It focuses on a portfolio of 15-20 high conviction publicly traded global stocks.

We are convinced that our strategy will help our clients to meet their financial goals in the current business cycle, whose challenges include structurally rising inflation, deteriorating liquidity, and diminishing investment returns across asset classes.


This is our formula for success

Investment Analysis

+Fundamental Science

+Price Discipline

=Outperformance in the long-term

Investment Analysis
+Fundamental Science
+Price Discipline
=Outperformance in the long-term

We back our investment decisions with in-house investment research produced by top international scientists and industry experts in the Biotech and IT sectors.

This allows us to generate significant alpha in the portfolio. It also enables us to spot negative trends and act before negative developments become generally known to market participants and affect stock prices. In this way we deliver consistent market leading investment returns with a moderate risk profile, while controlling portfolio drawdown in difficult times. We focus on finding the

undiscovered, mispriced value

- the winners of the future. Our global team brings together the art of investing and the fundamental science to enable our clients to achieve their financial objectives.


of the stocks of our low-beta portfolio are outside any benchmark indexes. Our top 10 holdings have less than 25% correlation with peers.



The Fund delivered an average two-year return


The Fund’s maximum drawdown

The "Technology of the Future" Fund delivered a two-year average return of 12.23% (2020-2021), while fund’s maximum drawdown was 14.80%. The fund’s maximum drawdown in 2020 (the year of pandemic) was only 7.86%, compared with the 30% drawdown or more for major equity indexes.

Science of finding
winners of the future

We focus on finding “undiscovered, mispriced value” - the companies, which in our view will become the leaders of the future.

Our global team brings together the art of investing and the fundamental science to help our clients achieve their financial goals.
Our investment research is backed by industry experts – scientists in IT and Biotech sectors.

Our priority niches


Genome therapy has transformative potential across the entire spectrum of decease categories (viruses, cancer, neurology, ophthalmology, liver disorders, etc.). It represents a total addressable market (TAM) of USD 4.8 trillion as well as disruption of the USD 1 trillion in annual sales of the biopharmaceutical industry.

Cloud Analytics

Predictive analytics using modern AI algorithms will become the source of competitive advantage for the leaders of the future.

Disruptive Intelligent Automation (Based on AI, Robotics, and Cloud Digital Platforms)

Based on AI, robotics, and cloud digital platforms, changes the competitive landscape of traditional industrial production. The total addressable market (TAM) for automation could potentially expand to US$2trn in 2025 (~US$0.5trn in 2020).

Data-driven e-commerce

Growth in consumer data will drive incremental sales (e.g., conversion, order frequency, basket values), reduce waste and cut supply chain costs (e.g., demand forecasting), and enable more informed customer acquisition with lifetime value modelling. Internet retailers that can convert data into real customer insights will win – improved economics and data monetization are the prizes.

Artificial Intelligence

AI will unleash a new wave of disruptive innovation as it will transform many industries.

Alternative Energy/Greentech/Climate Change

A climate crisis could trigger economic shocks and supply-chain disruptions with unimaginable consequences. Zero-carbon initiatives started recently are giving rise to multiple market-driven, cross-sectoral innovations moving society towards lower-carbon economic systems globally.